Campus Life Oyeahhh


Mohon maaf laa kalau ada yg kecewa tengok blog aku ni berhabuk nokharom tak diupdate sekian lama . Kalau ada , hahhhhahahahahhaaaa . Kayy . Alhamdulillah aku dah berjaya menyambung pengajian . Bersyukur sbb rezeki ni tak semua org dapat . Alhamdulillah , terima kasih Allah 😊

And till this day , Alhamdulillah . Senang jugak laa perjalanan walaupun ada gak sesat apa bagai . Hahhaa . Business Math dah chapter 2 masuk minggu ke-2 belajar ni . Akaun pon boleh tahan laju . Tersengguk-sengguk aku mengejar akaun tu hahhahaa . PAD pon so far so good . Cuma kuliah agak mengantuk sbb ramai ramai kan . Tutorial laa setakat ni best . Sir Ibrahim comel . Hahhaa . Ohh , and ELC . Almost forgot that . My favourite subject huyeayyy . So far we did a presentation . Damn . Now I realised that I must read a lot of facts , news and other related stuff huhhuu . My general knowledge sucks . I'm ashamed . Lol . Hm , what else . Ohh yes . MGT or management . A totally new subject and silibus . Though , so far I liked it . It does require a lot of reading and memorising , though . But its okay . I'll try it anyway . And I'll make the best out of it Insyaallah . Hm , CTU , the subject that studies about Islam . So far , not really much differ from PAI in school . Yeahh . So that's it about my new phase of life .

Roommate . I'm feeling so lucky to have them . Yeahh , maybe it's too early to say that . But so far they can cope with the sharing of facilities and food . Most importantly , facilities . Hahhaha . And they're as crazy as I am . That's another plus point about them . And they're caring (?) Hahhaaa . Yes , they are . Ohh and they are so generous . Especially relating to food . Thank God . Hahhhaa .

Hm , that's all for now I think . Hahhaaa . Whatev . Be gone ye who enter 'er .

Wassalam . xoxo .

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