That day, proved everything. From my reaction down to the beat of my heart. Did it show? I hope it didn't. Cause I don't want you to get even a glimpse of my feelings after this. Not in the meantime at least. I still need time. To heal, digest and accept everything.

     If you think that all these are easy for me, you really don't know me that well. If you think my hands won't get cold seeing your shadow, you need to think again. If you think my heart won't skip a beat just by your silhouette alone, look again. If you think I don't suffer, hah well then maybe I'm not a fond of showing off my emotions. Especially the negative ones. 

     By the way, it's good seeing you get out of the house. I really hope you didn't actually stay home just to avoid me. If that's the case, I'd rather get into college now. I hate being the reason for someone's agony. Moreover, for someone like you.