Ya Allah ! Why is my heart beats so fast that even people next to me can hear it . Well , not that it beats fast every time . Just at this one moment when I looked at somebody . I started to look or kind of stare at him since last year . That was the first day we manage to 'climb' up to our class . When I have settled down and have a look around . I saw him in the opposite block next to mine . And I was like , "Oh my God ! Such an adorable creation You've made." He made my tongue froze , my heart beats faster and my face blushing . [ gee ! what an over actress ] . I am so falling in love to him . Since that , I kept looking or staring at him whenever I got the chance to . He is so adorable that I can't even describe how much adorable-ness he have . I once told him how I felt about him . And I've got a positive answer too . I just can't believe that he too , feels the same thing as I am .

And here is another story about somebody I know last year . Well , that person is a 'He' too . He sometimes , also , makes my heart beats faster than the usual . I knows something shocking at some random day last year , I can't remember when . My believable friend told me that He likes me . And I'm kind of having a shock that time . He never shows that feeling until my friend told me . Only then I realise that he is looking at me in such way with an unidentified meaning . Well , until now he never admit his feeling . Just I can tell that he still have that 'like' feeling over me . I don't know when he will exactly admit or tell me . What can I do now is only wait and watch [ kind of hoping that he'll admit his feelings one day ] .

At the touch of love , everyone becomes a poet .

I guess that's all for now . Follow my future entry , darls .