Hey M i s t e r !


-.- Right now I'm thinking of somebody .. that I think is kind of sweet to me . The person is this M . He is a new person in my life . I have a small fight with M which I'm the one who started the fight . Correction , M's the one who started the fight . He kept repeating my words and that's annoying . I started the silent treatment and I end it on the next day . But M continued with this silent treatment and M made me like I'm the one who made him annoyed . Even after I 've apologised to M , M still not talking to me . Alright , enough of that fight . We then recover our friendship and we talked to each other . We talked and get to know each other , ask what M likes , what I like . And sometime we even talked about heart and feelings . M is not that cute but the best of M is M own a very kind and good heart [ as far as i know M ] . But , the thing is , I just know and be M's friend for only two months . And guess what , M is going to be shifted back to M's old school . M said it won't be that long . In about next year , M will be moving back here . I still feel that 10 months is a long duration for waiting . Man , I don't know why am I kept thinking of M . What on earth M had done to me . Everything I do , anywhere I go I'll always think of M 's face and voice . Oh man , I'm crazy now .

     -,-  Why on earth am I talking about him . Crazy me ! 
~Wassalam and have a good weekend~