M i s t e r . K o r e a

~Assalamualaikum and a big HI to all readers~

I'm feeling very happy today cause I'm having a chat with my Mr K . My heart won't stop beating . 
I L Y S M - 1 4 3 7
YOU froze my tongue 
YOU light up my day
YOU are my dreams
YOU made me blushed
it's WHO YOU ARE that make me stunned ;) 
Do you want to know something , I've never hear his voice , not even once . I once asked him if his class is 2 Uranus [ which I already know , he IS  2 uranus ] - face to face -  Well , he just raised his shoulders and won't speak even a word . I'm so embarassed on that time , with his friends around him . OMG . I don't know what was his expression at that time . I quickly turned around and do my duties as a prefect . He was like , would not point his voice whenever I'm around . I noticed that behaviour of his . By the way , he's still one cute guy in my eye . I know my BFF's will throw up to read this entry . And , not even my BFF's , maybe you also would throw up after reading this entry . Well , I guess I missed him too much until I wrote an entry about him , I rarely see him now . First because of our class was not in the same zone . Second is because both of us was too busy with other things until we rarely see each other [ not in the context 'dating' ] . If I'm lucky on someday , I can meet him and we both would stare and smile to each other . How I wish that moment to happen every single day of my life .

~Wassalam and hope to see you guys in my next entry~