N a m e

~Assalamualaikum fellas~

Alhamdulillah , I'm good in health [ with minor cough and sore throat ] . Well , according to my title up there - Name - I notice that everyone have a unique name of their own . Whether they chose it or people kept calling them with that name , so it [ the name ] stay as a permanent name that their owner approved . [ I'm talking nonsense things right now , am I ?  ^_^ ] . Urmm , my point is me too have some names , that some or certain people kept calling me . My primary calling name is Izhana which usually used by my friends and most of my teachers . The second name that is on the top list of my names is Nurul . This name is being used by my big and large family , both of my father and mother . I don't know why they call me Nurul at first but my theory is that they felt it is hard to pronounce the Izhana name so they use the simple one which is Nurul . Other name that people use over me is .. urm .. let me think ......... . . ha ! They are Izhan , Izhani , Easy [ my teacher who train me on debate call me like that . he said that it is hard to say the Izhana name ]
. Oh , I remember this Ustazah that once taught me at KAFA class , I was about 11 y/o that time . You know what , she called me Azhana ! Haha , at first I corrected her , but then I just let her be like that and continues calling me Azhana . Other than that are Izahana , Rezana [ kind of funny when i rethink about this moment . well , at school they made a doughnut give away day . so there's one boy gave a doughnut tome with a 'Rezana' name on the card . i think maybe he doesn't know my name at that time . my friends asked me to take that doughnut because there is nobody else is closer in name to 'Rezana' . well , i took and ate it (: ] . I think these are the names that people call me . Aah , there is another one . It is Michiko :) . Well , let me short-list it for you :

  • Izhana
  • Izhan
  • Izhani
  • Nurul
  • Michiko
  • Azhana
  • Easy
  • Izahana
  • Rezana
This is not going to change who I really am 
That's all for tonight . Have a sweet dream you all -,- zzz