S c h o o l d a y s

I'm willing to learn from the teachers because learning is my responsibilities - Anna Koizora
~Assalamualaikum and a smile for you  :)

Tomorrow , a busy school week start . I can't wait to go for it but .. there's something that makes me feel unattracted to it . Duhh -,- ... My school intend to give us [ KRK students ] some extra school work , which it will be called as PREP Programme . Haha , what's with the big some . Well I don't think that they'll give us some but they'll give us plenty ! Yet , I'll just go and have a try on this first week of so much called PREP -,- . The teachers said that , us , will be given some modules according to their subject in that day . But , if we have homeworks , we'll have to finish our homeworks first , then do the modules given . This PREP start from 3.00 till 5.00 p.m. every-non-1M 1S day . Duhh .. This means that every single day of schoolday , I'll be at school till 5.00 p.m. in the evening . Wow , dude ! Isn't that just amazing =_= . I really love that people who came out with the idea to start this-so-called PREP :P ... Well , I'll just have to accept it because it's the school order isn't it :/ ... Yahoo for me =_=