~Assalamualaikum and hi peeps

So sorry for the long term of un-updated blog of mine. Busy dealing with my enemy - Mr. Exam. Duhh, he likes to give me tension and stuff. By the way, Mr. Exam and I now are friends again. So I can update my messy blog, yippie ! :)

First of all, I have my mid year exam last week. It is so tensioning. But, don't worry . I can handle Mr Exam just fine. Well, now I'm just nervous waiting for the results I might get. Some of the subjects were hard and tough :')

I'm having dilemma . Can somebody help me ? I'm suffocate in this dilemma that I've created . I don't know whether I'm still in to my crush - also known as Mr K . How can I be sure about this feeling ? I myself confused . Somebody .. help me, please . He's adorable , cute and sweet too . This dilemma started after I get one rumour about him - he have a girlfriend ! Well , I just ignored it , but sometime it kind of made me think about it . I just can't get it out of my head . One day , my friend told me that he truly and really have a form 3 girlfriend . I just can't help myself . I kept thinking about that news until I .. nearly drop my tears for him (': I tried to forget him . A few days after , the same person that told me about the heartbreaking news , told me that he [ Mr K ] said that he never have another girlfriend as he said before . I can't help myself for trying to erase him from my heart . So , that's how the dilemma was created - by ME . Now , I don't know whether I still love him or not . The weird thing is , I still stare , look and ask things about him . Still .. I don't even know why :)

My school's having a Teacher's Day celebration and we , the prefects organisation of the school will have to handle the celebration day . OMG . It was exhausting . I have to perform the Gamelan music instrument . We - the gamelan performers had to lift those heavy instruments many time just to keep it safe . We had to climb the stairs , walking through the rain , down the slippery stairs and face the not-so-kind music teacher to borrow his gamelan set . Hmm .. kind of exhausting with just reading it right :)

You want to know something , now I know that I have a loyal reader of my blog . She is my classmate :

Here , THIS is her blog's link . Don't forget to follow her , kay :)

~Wassalam cute fellow . Thanks for reading !