Pure B2TY ??!

~Assalammualaikum . hi K-Poppers :) today I'm going to write about my hubbies . You don't know who is my hubbies ? Well , here they are :))

Yup , they are the cute BEAST / B2ST
OMG , I don't know how much I love them . It's just they are so cute and versatile . You want to know something . They are the only Boy Band that catches my heart , eyes and everything :3 Among Yoon Doo Joon , Jang Hyun Seung , Ki Kwang , Yong Jun Hyung , Son Dong Woon and Yang Yoseob .. I like and love Yoseob the most . I didn't know how or when I started to adore this Boy Band especially Yoseob . One thing for sure , they are my bias forever :D

Okay , now is the time to show my specially special bias who's name is Yang Yoseob ^.^

OMG ! I can't breath because of his cuteness and adorableness >,<
He is charming isn't he . From the first glare to the BEAST's poster that my friend was holding , I directly fell in love to him - Yoseob !!

Short bio
Group position : Main vocalist
Date of Birth : 1990 01 05
Height : 174 cm
Weight : 56 kg
Blood type : B
Trained in : JYP Entertainment  , M Boat , Cube Entertainment

I just want to inform you about who my bias is and now you know , hope you are not jealous >.- There was one beautiful day , when I asked my K-Pop maniac friends about BEAST's latest news . They called me a pure B2TY which I'm not really sure about it . They said that no matter how many new Boy Band were born out there  , I still and loyal to my BEAST . I hope I'll be the pure B2TY like they said :))

~Wassalam , hope to see you soon