Right // Left


huh , today I'm a little exhausted . I just have a chat with him . He's kind of kiddo with me and said he wants to hug me back then just because I smiled :) Well , whatever .

We sometime lost our track on this world , right ? We don't know what is the right thing to do , so we decided to choose the left ones ;) In my situation , I just don't know . I know that it is the right thing to do if I study for the coming exam , but I still sit in front of this laptop and talking to you guys . Well , I can't help it . It's just my thing , you know :) I do want to get good grades written in my record book . But , why wouldn't I start to study and relax on some other day . Duh , I think I'm just being lazy though . Alright , let me be honest with you guys . I actually don't have the idea to write in my blog . There I've said it !

So , till next entry ><'


Dear bias

~Assalammualaikum [ big wave to Anna :b ]

I've not updated my dusty blog for quite a long time, haven't I ? Well today I'm going to spill out something that lies deeply in my heart :)

Today is the first day the Muslims started their fasting month . I myself is fasting too . And it is Saturday . Man , I miss him so much . I doubt  I can hold it any much longer :))

Okay , this entry mainly about my lovely dovey bias . He is a sweet , good looking , kind [ to me ] and adorable - too much compliment , who cares . But , he is exactly as I told you , I'm not lying . He cares about my feelings , he tries to be the one who can make me laugh and make my heart grew warmer whenever he was around . Sometime .. you know . I do get jealous of him because he just being so close with other girls or being too friendly with them . Well , it's not my fault , right ? I still have tiny little bit of right to get jealous of him . He's just too adorable I can't resist being jealous of him for any kind of reason ;)) Well he is my bias , right . Nobody can deny that except him and I . I hope we don't have to be in that kind of situation . For now , I just want to be with him beside my understanding BFFs . They're just too adorable to me . I love them a lott ^ ^

Babe , I've already missing you the moment you turned around :))

Well , till then . Follow my updates peeps , love ya !


You're the mess :P

~Assalammualaikum and hi

today's update is most probably about this guy - whom I hate . he sent me a letter and kind of sounded like this " I want you to stay away from me " which I don't really understand . I mean , he's the one who approached me in the first place . But now , he treated me like I'm the one who make such a nuisance to him . damn boy , you make me hate you even more than yesterday .

why did you even sent that letter to me and telling me to stay away from you ? I thought I'm the one who should have said things like that - TO YOU !! not you telling those things to me :/ oh , boy . WHAT A JERK YOU ARE :)) you know what . maybe that's why I never have / will accept you . I'm completely not blocking your path on forgetting me , so why did you sent that stupid letter .
Boy , I hate + angry at you so much I could spit !
//sorry for the unnecessary words I've been using