You're the mess :P

~Assalammualaikum and hi

today's update is most probably about this guy - whom I hate . he sent me a letter and kind of sounded like this " I want you to stay away from me " which I don't really understand . I mean , he's the one who approached me in the first place . But now , he treated me like I'm the one who make such a nuisance to him . damn boy , you make me hate you even more than yesterday .

why did you even sent that letter to me and telling me to stay away from you ? I thought I'm the one who should have said things like that - TO YOU !! not you telling those things to me :/ oh , boy . WHAT A JERK YOU ARE :)) you know what . maybe that's why I never have / will accept you . I'm completely not blocking your path on forgetting me , so why did you sent that stupid letter .
Boy , I hate + angry at you so much I could spit !
//sorry for the unnecessary words I've been using