55th National Day

I wish I can cook very well ;)
Assalammualaikum and Happy National Day to all Malaysians . It's already 55th year :D Wow , can you imagine the tough days before the independence .  Okay , I want to make a wish right now -.- What ? What did I wish for ? Well , I wished for this peace and harmony in Malaysia to last forever and ever :)

Okay , so this week went very well . A mild event just past and I celebrate it very 'underground-ly' . Oh and there's also some trouble . But , it's maybe the little one I thing . It's not a big deal at all . I manage to overcome that problem :)

I have a homework this weekend , thanks to my beloved teacher - Shaharatul Iza . This is a sincere compliment okay , by the way . Anyway , I have to write an essay about 'My Best Friend' . So , I asked my father how to do it . And can I write about more than one best friend in that essay . He said " No . The title is to write about My Best Friend . Best Friend means one which is THE best . So , you'll have to write only one . This is where students always failed blah .. blah .. " I skipped the rest //wink-wink . Okay , back to the point , I don't know how on earth am I going to write the essay with only one to choose from . So I decided to write about this 'imaginary' best friend called .... um , well I don't think about her name yet :) Hahha , whatever .

Okay , I'm now finished from ideas to write . Bye for now and Assalammualaikum . Love you peeps :)