Easier said than done


Oh Dear Allah !! I can't believe he just did that . URGHH !! He's soo annoying ! Damn , I hate him even more .

He said to me " You just forget about whatever I've said before . And , uh about those things for our class party . I'll buy it even though we will never talk again . Okay , and forget about those things I've said . "

What the hell is that . Does he think that it is that easy to forget everything that he have said to me . Oh God , seriously I can't take that . I won't forgive him . After all those heart to heart talk he just ask me to forget about it . Whoa ho , not so fast I think . Seeing his face at the school everyday just make me want to throw out and makes me even harder to forget about blah blah whatever he have said before .

Sorry bro , I just can't take it . You've done enough . How could you say so .