Fever Friday

~Assalammualaikum and m-m-mmorning everybody

Today I'm off schooling . I have a fever and so as my little brother . So I have to stay at home , to look after him and myself ^^(Y) . Well , I have strong cough today and my nose is feeling so heavy . O Allah , please make me well again . Hm , I wonder what they are learning today .

Yesterday , only a few noticed that I'm not very well . One of them is ... [ drum roll ] ... NABIL !! You don't know who he is ? Okay , let me give you a picture to describe him ->

He is the one who sits behind me in the class . Who kept going on playing around and disturbing me while I want to finish my work . His name is Muhammad Nabil . Born on first of June . He's been like a brother to me . Taking care ,  teasing  and joking around with me . Okay , don't get me wrong . I have no specific feeling towards him . Promise . It's just , its good to know that we have somebody that is actually care about us , right :) Sincerely care about us with no hidden intentions behind it .

Urgh , this fever is disturbing me to write more and more . Okay , I think that's it for now . Got to rest :) Till the next entry . Love you peeps \(^.^)/