Annoying Monster

I've grown too strong . To ever fall back in your arms 
~Assalammualaikum and hi my beloved peeps :)

I am supposed not to write this entry after what I've promised to myself at the end of the September . I've broken my rules again -,- (Y) Hahha , what can I say . That is ME . Hm , can you see that cute and sweet marshmallow up there . Well , they are just like my girlfriends - Hajar and Syaidatul .

I realised , that I've been kind of rude , sensitive and crazy lately . The mood just came and make me acted like that . Sorry to my girlfriends - Hajar and Syaidatul , as I may have hurt you guys' feelings by acting such way . And sorry for acting a little babyish . Sorry to Nabil for kept scolding and shouting at you lately . By the way , I just love shouting at you (Y) Hahha , just kidding . But seriously , I'm sorry . I just don't know what have come over me . Maybe my 'monster' mood just came by and paid me a visit . Nah , I don't know .

Mm , lately too . I've gone real crazy for BEAST's Mystery . I know it's an old song , but it just catches my heart , you know ;) The dance move , the lyric and the music , just soo attracting . Hahha , what am I talking about right now .

Hm , that is ME again - sudden escape of the original topic :) That's just the 'monster' in me . Nothing serious , really guys [ What the hell is this kid babbling about ] Okay , I think that;s enough of speaking something unnecessary . Here's the deal (?) , this going to be my last entry for now . As I want to concentrate on my end of year examination . I want to score 8As  and also achieve the first place in my class . Nothing for , just to break my previous record only . My very own personal record . Hm , I'm definitely going to miss my blog and of course , you guys too :))

~Wassalam and sweet dreams guys