It's Over

~Assalammualaikum and holla

Huaa , finally . It's over and I'm glad it's finally over . What is over ? Haa , our school's end-of-year exam of course . Now , I'm free from it . For now at least . Things happen and past really quick isn't it . Or is it just me over acting . Hahha XD . Whatever ..

The last paper of this day is music and you know what , it's the hardest of all ! I can't really believe it but I had to . I just wrote whatever that came across my head at that time . You really don't know how my hands are itching to type some new entries in my blog , but I had to hold it again for the internet got no server until tonight . But still , I have very limited time . Just look at the time now . It's already 17 minutes past my bed time . I still want to type some more . Hm , maybe next time I'll continue my ridiculous entry . I will be missing you guys . Sleep tight tonight .

~Wassalam , xoxo