Nutty Head Me

~Assalammualaikum , and hi peeps
I said I am sorry
For I am totally crazy
Sincerely - Anna
Doing something this fine evening ? Good . Just laying around lazily and doing nothing ? Mm , try to get up and do something beneficial . Huh , it's just the fact that I want to be a better person , do I have to 'invite' others as well . The answer is a big fat NO . Yup , I know . //Sigh .. Just being the nutty head that I used to hide , all this time . What can I do . Absolutely nothing but hide this "nutty me" deep inside . What is going on me ? You tell me , because I can't tell them myself . My head is spinning like a crazy merry-go-round-thingy .

I've written something I shouldn't and I regret it as much as you couldn't imagine . Somehow or rather , they got the wrong message which I really and truly doesn't want that kind of thing to happen to them . It is all because I love them so much that I don't want them to be hurt with my insanity of saying :P [ Stupid statement ! Of course you've hurt their feelings . Next time , think before you act or say something . Idiot ! ]

Mm , I cannot describe how much sorry I have to say to them . Because I myself cannot measure my level of apology . Mm , more idiot words from 'nutty head' me . I hate myself for not understanding the needs of them . I am selfish . Hate ME .

Babe , I am sorry , I didn't mean it
I hope you'll forgive me , cause I really mean it
~Wassalam , xoxo

P/S : I really am hoping that you will accept my apology :3