Wake Up

~Assalammualaikum , and bigg hye

It has been very long since the last time I update this 'thing' . Well , I have been very busy this week [ what , are you the PM or something ?!! ] Got many homework to be done , exercises to be completed and co-curricular activities at school . So , I have so little time to update here and speak about my drab life . Well , nobody cares ;) So , what ?

Today I just finished my geography and history homework . Man , history makes my hand froze . My finger bent because of writing too much . So what , right . If I want to be a tip-top scorer , than I'll have to bare those little sacrifices . I've been working hard since this year has started . I don't why , but I just do . Maybe I changed because I am getting more mature or something . Well , I don't know really :D

Mm , you want to know something ? I signed up for my school cross-country competition . It just did . You don't believe me , fine . Who does anyway . I don't believe it myself either ;) Anyway , I don't mind about participating the competition . At least I have the experience joining it . The last time I joined this kind of activity is at my elementary school , year five . Woww , nearly four years ago ! Hahha , since I'm not really interested in participating , I rarely care about it ;D But now I do care .

I like the teachers . They're okay so far . As long as we behave ourselves , they're fine :DD Hahh , this coming Monday , we have wake-up test for form threes . It consist of all the eight important PMR subjects . Hm , I don't know whether I am prepared or not [ you're not because you're still sitting in front of this laptop . so now go away and pick a book to study ] ?

So , maybe that's it for now . I'm going to be a bookworm for this upcoming wake-up test [ two days only , ahh ?!! ] :D Hahha , whatever . By the way , good luck to all SMKUR's form three students for this test . Chiao ><"
Miss you soo much
~Wassalam , xoxo