~Assalammualaikum , hye

//Cough .. cough .. err , actually I have no mood to say anything here today because I have sore throat and flu . But , since I have the chance why not , right ? I am going to tell you that I am not very satisfied with myself . I am not focussed enough ! Err , annoying me come again ..

Dissatisfaction is human's nature . It is normal to feel it . I always feel dissatisfaction in me . I am not satisfied with my blog's appearance , my 'tudung' , my health , my bla-bla-bla ... err , too many dissatisfaction don't you think . Okk , whatever .

I only said 'banana fruit to time' [ sorry for the wrong english usage ] , and puff .. magic happened . What kind of magic , I don't know . Maybe it is the Most Powerful's sign . Just , maybe . I don't ask for reactions or actions , I'm just telling cause you've asked . I'm not expecting that :) Really , really .

My father asked me when I came back from school this evening " Why do you look so glum ? " I don't know what answer I should give , so I said " Nothing " . Okk , fine . In the car all the way in town , I just kept silent and seat still . I knew that my father noticed my foolish glum face , so he told me a joke " I did an oral test this morning in a second last form 5 class . I asked to a girl - what is your name , nurhidayah .  how old are you , i'm fine thank you . what do you want to be when you grow up , motor . " Hehhe , pity girl . My father said he acted cool in front of this student . I laugh a bit when he told me this joke . He always knew his daughter better than me myself . Love you dad :*

This night my father asked me again " Why do you still look glum ? " , my answer is just the same " Nothing " . I don't know whether I should tell him or not . I know that he is an open-minded man , but I still feeling not ready yet . Okk , then .. I 'll tell him when I am ready .
L O V E  you , darling . Thanks for your apprehension . Love YOU a thousand time :3
~Wassalam , xoxo