Long Gone

~Assalammualaikum , hyee korangg

First of all , I want to tell you that I miss you guys a lot especially - you know who ;D And sorry for the lack of progress in my blog for quite a long time . I've been busy with school stuff - examinations especially :/

When the holidays started last week , I didn't have the chance to write entries so I just checked my FB account before departed for my hometown - Johor . I've been there for two days being an amature photographer for my beloved aunt :) It was her wedding but it was held at my uncle-in-law's house . The theme for the family was grey . Oo , wait . I have pictures , do you want to see it ? Click to enlarge >>


Over-excited me


Mum and Dad <3

The whole family 

It's not just that . There's a big thing happened before the wedding too . It's our class party . It was soo awesome , except for the time that I spilled Syai's noodle all over the floor . Big-big sorry for that :/ So this is us on that day ;D

Big happy family :D

Another big news is that my younger siblings adopted a kitten so similar to the one we have - Kuni . So , his name is Nino . He's a male of course . They look quite identical that people can say that they're siblings . Here , let me show you .

#1 Nino peeking behind a plastic bag
#2 Kuni teaching Nino some rules
#3 " Don't mess with me "
#4 Tired Nino

I think that's enough for now . Though I want to write more and more . But I need to go now cause my sister wants to use the laptop . I'll catch up with you guys later . 
xxx . I M Y S M . x . I L Y S M . x . I M Y S M . xxx
~Wassalam , xxx