Tiny Freedom

~Assalammualaikum folks

Ramadan is coming to its end . Feeling a little sad though I have made some improvement compared to last year . Can you believe it ? It's so near to celebrate Raya . Mm , time fly so fast . . I wonder whether I'm going to meet next year's Ramadan and Raya ;DD

See that creature above ? He's a tough man . He left so soon , when I have started to love him . The empty feeling is still there , where his face usually lies . His cute acts , foolishness , playful and innocence kept ringing in my mind . He's still there , inside . RIP . .

The finishing for our PMR trial just now was science paper 2 . It wasn't easy . Yes , no doubt about that . My head almost blow off answering it . HOTS questions as the teachers would say . Thankfully , it's over . For now at least :) I've done my best for this trial , and I hope I'll get the best . So , I'll leave the rest for Allah to be done .

Since I have finished my trial and I have a tiny freedom to check on the internet so I'm going to use it to update my dusty blog after I abandoned it for some time . Yeah well , every students who need to sit for exams will ignore their website once in a while . Including me ;) But I'm not sure what to tell you guys exactly .  I can tell that I'm quite thrilled for the coming Raya and also looking forward to visit my friends during this Raya holiday . But I'm not sure if I actually can . Mum seem so into the idea of staying at our hometown the whole holiday .  Hey , people celebrate once a year . Yeah , so what's the deal . Except that staying hometown with no internet line is just plain boring thing to do for  two full weeks . I really hope that we're going to do something fun during our visit there to keep my boring level zero :) Mm , maybe I'm just being pessimist . I don't know . Seriously , what could you do at a hometown with no more grandparents ?

We're going back to one of my hometown in this week time . Like I said , it may take two long weeks straight without updates from me . So don't be sad guys [ just who gonna miss you , idiot! ] . Besides , you can rest your eyes and minds from my ridiculous , crazy , non-enjoyable  blog updates . So I guess it's quite a good news , right :D Yup , that's nice .

Um , heyy . I think I'm going to relax my mind a bit with some of the enjoyable running man episodes . So , till the next entry . Sayonara ~
During this Raya , please >>
Take care.Enjoy yourself.Don't put on too much weight.Stay handsome and beautiful.Be happy by your family.Don't forget books those who have major examinations this year.Most important,STAY ALIVE.
~Wassalam , xoxo