~Assalammualaikum , xx

What are you doing love ? Having a blast with your family ? That's nice . Enjoy yourself then as this year is finally ended . According to Muslim's calendar , it is already new year . So technically , this year has ended . Well , Happy New Year and Salam Maal Hijrah :)

I actually , have nothing in my mind for tonight's entry . I just felt like writing something , so shut up and read okay ? I have been horrid yesterday so I want to cheer myself up . But really , I don't see any point of saying anything here [ sigh ]

You know , I enjoyed watching Korean dramas . I said I ENJOYED it , not LOVE it . Firstly because of their interesting plots . I am certainly tired of Malay dramas cliche plots as , there will be a poor girl who met this rich guy-they fell in love-the rich family are against their relationship-they will face challenges-and then lived happily ever after . Damn boring . Secondly of course , their handsome actors . Thirdly , because of their outfits . Super . Cool . Outfits . And last but of course , not least is their awesome technologies . I'm so envious seeing their own smartphone brand and household appliances . They have this Samsung brand and it is super awesome . Then they have this LG brand and Samsung brand for their household appliances . They even have a build-in refrigerator in their home . How cool is that ? And when I'm watching them , I will always say to myself , "I want to see Malaysian's brand and technologies in dramas too . I will absolutely be a proud Malaysian and support Malaysian brand ." Do not misunderstand me as one of the Government's member . I just love Malaysia because I were born and raised here . That's it . If I may , I want to make the first move towards Malaysian branding too . How lovely is that ?

[ Sigh ] Maybe I just dreaming so high . It will take a very long time to develop such technologies , trust and branding . But it's NOT impossible . Everything is possible in this world , right ? So I'll leave it to you guys to think about what I've just written here . We had to have something to be proud of . Let us all be a thankful Malaysian .

Ohh , by the way , my sister have got her interview letter from TKC . Please wish her success , okay ? I will be nice to you after this :) Pretty please .. I LOVE YOU . Good night .

~Wassalam , xoxo