Kehidupan Lagi

~Assalammualaikum , salam sayang semuaa

Just finished half of my homework for this holiday , and now here I am typing my mind away . School was fine today . My mood was good and so I can reply Nabil's 'Hi' to me :) And I can still hum even though homework were given loads by teachers . So basically , today was a great day . Oo , and I still have a crush on him . I confirmed that today . LOL . 

Ah , and today was the last day for a few of my best buddies . We all felt the same . It was a bitter feeling , leaving your friends whom we've treated like siblings . Well , we've been together since 04/01/11 . We've been crying , laughing , joking , scolding , sulking , been scolded , been given compliment , achieve success , fail , eat , sleep , fighting and striving for PMR together since . It's not something that we gain in a couple days . Oo , how I wish that we are still together . 

We've been growing a lot since the first day we met isn't it ? I remember how childish we were when we were in the form 1 Pluto :D Those days taught me a lot . We had a big fight that year , remember ? And starting from that point that we got much closer . The next year , we were growing fine . But as usual . The Pure Plutonians '98 never live in peace in that school . We'll always want to show the teachers something of us ;) And there was this case which I can't remember exactly . Anyway , the main thing is that we did something that made our class name very often said by teachers in the teachers' office . Last year , which is the year that we sit for our PMR , we still did something tat is very well spoken and a number 1 ranking of gossip among the teachers . Well , I don't want to say exactly what but I'm sure that all of us Plutonians still have the memories fresh in our mind , right :) 

Well , the point is , friendship is a very sweet ship that was given by Allah to His servants . We as human , all have feelings right . So that is the sweetness of friendship . Full of feelings and sentimentality . Hahha , whatever . You don't really want to know , right ? I know :) Okk , then . I will end my entry now because of your dumb boring faces in front of your monitors ><"

Dear bestfriend , keep me in your heart so that I know that I've left something memorable for you to remember . Keep in contact so that our silaturahim bond will never break . Keep praying for me if you really love me as our bestfriend . And don't forget all those days that we've been together . I'm praying for your success in the world and after , Insyaallah .


~Wassalam , xoxo