I remember
That particular floor , where we used to sit and gather , tell stories and confess
I remember
I once tripped , but you caught my hand , so I won't fall
I remember
You lent me your ears , so that my heart would be clear
I remember
You gave advice , so I won't hit twice
I remember
Your wet shoulders , were caused by my tears
I know
That you need me now , that's why I'm home 


Have you done well for your mid-year exam ? Well , me personally yes . But I can do better , I think . Exam in an MJSC was tough though . You know why ? Cause everybody seemed to be so smart and nerd and had serious crush on reference book . And there I was in the library reading novels when I knew that tomorrow I'm gonna face Chemistry with full format of SPM ^^ lol , otokke . I hate formulas .

I'm back in my comfy nest yesterday . Today I helped with the house work . Well done of me :D I'm proud of myself , I never would've done this before boarding school . Yup , never . I'm not the housewife type , so all of that was never on my concern . But now I've changed , for my own good . As I'm approaching the age of marriage ^^ lol

Now , I want to get away  a little from school , books and assignments . Although I had no assignments for the whole holiday , yippe for me :D And I was looking forward to go shopping and meeting #Plutonians98 at at a shopping complex , but now it seemed that I should keep my excited-ness away and hold it for some other time . Well it's not too upsetting as I can still meet them up at Rahman's house ^^ He's gonna hold a party for us , yippe again . Now I'm reaallyyy looking forward to that party as I'm desperate to meet #Plutonians98 and start gossiping like before . Do you guys feel what I feel , or is it just me ' syok sendiri ' ?

Hm what else , you know what ? I really miss selfie when I'm in that prison . Even worse , students are not allowed to bring their own camera other that the editorial board and the photography club member . It is so disgusting . Why is it that other MJSC and SBP can give their students permission to bring cameras ? Why oh why ? And after three months only I can share something of my new life there , a piece of photograph that I snatch from other people's account . Hahha do I care , mm sorry . Not at all .

Rightt ~ Know what , I have a new hobby that I just developed when I'm in that prison :) It is writing poems . I've wrote a couple . This may the result of not having a laptop and internet connection so my feelings spilled on the pages of my notebook as I can't hold them any longer :) Mostly I miss my #Plutonians98 , of course :) Can't stand it you know , they're the only unbiological siblings that I'm comfortable with right now .

Well now , I feel that I'm really good at hiding my feelings . Unlike before , it will just show on my face what I felt inside . Or maybe they just don't care about anything in that prison .  So I'm left unattended . Pathetic . Do I really want all of you to read my tragic life story . Of course not :D That's why I'm still happy even though my blog's traffic have lessen since february . And to add seasoning to my black pepper tragic life story , my one and very loyal , entertaining friend is ' dead ' . It's my music player actually , but that was my only ' escape ' from those unwanted atmosphere . And it is gone now . So , otokke ?

That's none of your concern actually . Last words for tonight . Take care . Keep calm . Don't forget your Isyak . Don't take late night snacks . Good night . Sleep well ^^