~Assalammualaikum and hi

Salam Aidilfitri to all muslim . My deepest sympathy and prayers to the people of Gaza and to the family of those who died in the MH17 tragedy . Allah has always missed us asking for His help by sending His challenges to us . Allah knows all .

Despite that , I am in deep happiness as I am finally back home after 2 months of loneliness behind the MJSC fences . But it is only for a week . Plus , tons of assignment and homework . What am I supposed to do actually this holiday ? Can't I have a real life for only this short holiday , people ?! Aishh , what to do . This is indeed a student's life . My life .

By the way , how was your first Syawal ? It must have been fantastic right ? That's a great thing to know . Have a blast then . For after the Raya break we will all suffer from the pain of our exam . I know alright cause I will go through the same thing also :') Let's share the same grief with Malaysians students .

Mm now , I am currently with him . Him whom I shall not mention . Him whom I have had stories from the past . Him whom is socially social . Him who live so faaaaar away from me . Him whom I miss right now . How sad :'/

Well that's it for now . I'll leave it be for the time being cause I'm lacking of ideas now . See you in a couple of days [ hopefully ] . Pray for me . Pray for Gaza . Pray for muslim . Pray for Malaysians . Ilalliqaq ma assalamah :) Sweet dreams everyone .

~Wassalam , xoxo