When I remain dead
You will stay alive
When the day comes
You left me paralyzed
Know one thing babe
You sure is luck
Don't avoid me please
You left me feeling suck

When I'm away
Never had I thought
That I'll be missing
The one I've fought
I want you now
Do not back off
Start talking , love
Don't leave me alone

Where were you
When I'm drowning
Why're you so quiet
You make me killed
Aren't we steady
Don't do this
Tell me everything
What do you feel

Hey , um love
I am lost
If you miss me
Give me a call
You know I'm sorry
I know you did
Do not ignore me
You're torturing


It's okay :)
From the very first till today
They held me at bay
Don't tell me no way
Chill and just lay
They can treat me as they may
It's not forever anyway

It's alright
I'm no love at first sight
They'll never held me tight
It's a never ending fight
Someday, there'll be light
They will treat me right
I'm terrified

Take it easy
Life is never dreamy
People will hate me
It will always be
A catastrophe

Good luck
Life is indeed suck
But it's mine , not yours chuck
Just like hitting a truck
Feeling like f*ck

When is the ending
Time is killing
Keeps me waiting
Will it be more torturing
Will I still be living ?