In a nut shell

~Assalammualaikum , hye

So how was your holiday ? I hope that you guys had fun ^^ For 98-liners , we can't enjoy the holiday just yet right ? Cause we have a big exam to attend to in 2015 . And I don't think that I am hundred percent ready for it . Are you ? Plus , one week extend of holiday . Are you kidding me ??

For 2014 , in my point of view was outstanding . Mainly cause I moved to a new school and which I did not plan to during my three years in URESS . But somehow , I did . So here I go . I thought of having a new adventure , maybe that's the reason I applied and accepted the offer . I did not think of it deeply as how I'm going to study , or will I excel there , or whether or not the food is acceptable ^^ But I just went for it and it turned out to be that I could bear it . For now , at least . This year , 2015 , is much bigger than last year . So I am a bit scared and anticipating at the same time cause I'm again , having a big exam in the end of this year . And I'm not really sure that I'm ready for it . But , it's life . So I need to be ready . And enjoy the last bit of big exam xD

To be honest , I'm anticipating my 2015 in the MJSC . Last year we had Kembara Mahkota Johor , Homeroom Appreciation , Jump Rope for Malaysia's World Book of Records , Batch Party etc. So yes , I'm looking forward to this year , hoping that I will be a better person with a more open mind . And also experience more as a senior . After all , it's the last year that I'll be wearing the school uniform . I have to finish and enjoy these final days to the fullest . Yup , that is my resolution for 2015 . Besides that , of course I would like to pass my SPM with flying colours . That will be one of the memories that I would really want to cherish . That is the purpose of high school after all .

Phew , I can't believe I'm finishing school this year . All this years I thought that it was a long way to grow up . But it turned out , it's just a couple of steps away now *sigh* I don't want to grow up . But I do . What ? I don't understand what I just said =='

Anyway , mom and dad told me that I should have started thinking about my after SPM life . What I'm going to do , where I want to be , how I want it etc. I , in the other hand , have considered a few options . First , if I get the PLKN . I will go and enjoy it , as dad have said to me . Enjoy everything that comes into your life . And so I will , I wish . Second , I will attend the communication course and driving lesson that dad wants me to . I would like to take them , of course ^^ Third , I really want to master mom's cooking cause when she cooks , everyone will leave the table with a seriously full stomach and happy heart ^^ Fourth , I might want to learn something about business . It looks fun to learn so yeah , maybe I'll take that . Fifth , what else are there for me . Further study of course . That's a must I think . The most important thing is that I enjoy what I do . That's what my dad always said to his children .

I think that's enough for tonight . You know , I took a few week to just finish this entry . I've come to a stage of lacking ideas to write on my blog . Maybe cause I'm in a boarding school now that I have a restricted time to post something . It's okay . I will make it up to you when I have free time , alright ? Love ya~

~Wassalam , sweet dreams