The Talk


I am deeply expressing my apology to those who followed my blog . I do not have the time to accomplish my task here . So , I am so sorry .

So here's the thing . Each and every time we're home for holiday , the teachers will provide us with holiday packages that are thick as dictionaries . Alright , no . I'm exaggerating . LOL . So , I really need to finish my assignments first which seem like never ending and the consequences , I can't update with you guys .

Latest , we just finished sitting for Standardized Test 2 . The results came out pretty quick and it made me really , really stressed . Some of my results showed improvements and some , not that good . Comparing me with my classmates , I am far behind them . I'm not pushing myself down . But I need a lot of improvement . Based on the Standardized Test 2 , I can conclude that I am NOT YET ready for SPM . How can this be ? The SPM is just 6 months away or 181 days left . What am I doing ? Oh , I'm so stressed .

And you know what ? I just catch up with my form 4 chapters Chemistry . I am so thankful that now I finally know how to balance the equation , calculating moles and such . Before , I don't even know how to calculate mole . How pathetic I am indeed . Is this the girl who's going to sit for SPM this year ? I don't think so .

Anyway , how about you guys ? Have you finished your second test or you'll be directly to the final semester exam ? Anyhow , I wish all of you all the best .

I've just finished my Sejarah paper 3 too , for the semester 1 final examination . Isn't it too early ? I don't really mind . I'm just hoping that the answers fit the teachers schema . That's all I asked .

Heyy , I'm looking forward for this coming Ladies Night . I'm hoping that it'll be so much fun and awesome . I want to cherish that night as memories of secondary school life . Besides , I'm going to be a school student for just a few months left . Last year's Ladies Night was okay . So , I really hope that this year's will be so awesome ^^

Currently , I'm preparing for semester 1 final exam . And it needs a lot of hard work , you know . I'm trying my best now . So please pray for me and wish me luck , okay :)

I've told you about our classes sorting , right ? If no then here it is . This year , the school have decided to sort the form five and the form three classes according to our previous semester 2 final exam results . So here I am in a class of 30 brilliant classmates with only two boys in it . Can you imagine ? When I get into that school I interact lesser with boys than in my previous school . Now I only interact with two boys as I am too 'shy' to interact with the others . Dumb .

So that's all for today I guess . I'm hoping to write again anytime soon . With love from JB , take care .

~Wassalam , xoxo