School's Over


Mai datang dekat nak cerita . Hahha . School's over for me . So now what ? License , of course . Next up ? I don't know myself . I feel like crying right now . Or should I probably enjoy my freedom ? Cause after the results come out , I will be busy studying afterwards .
So , what would you guys do ? I assume some of you would be working , and some would have started their studies . Some , are like me . Enjoying the after school before returning to studies after the results .

FYI , I'm taking up lessons for my license . So far so good . Yet , I still hope that it will be easen during the JPJ test . It's not worth it to redo *sigh* Please pray for me okay guys . I really appreciate them 😀

Long time no see

Assalammualaikum and helloooooo guys

Haven't seen you for so long . God knows how much I miss to write . I hope everybody have not given up on me yet . Or if you did . I don't mind 👌 Really . To those whom have been loyal enough to follow me to this entry . I blow you millions of love through this night sky so that you'll sleep soundly .

Huhh . Know what ? SPM was .. Torturing . Memorable . Exciting . Etc etc .. Seriously . I'm pushing myself every study time . The competition was stiff . Friends become rival when it comes to study you know . So it was tense . Really , really tense . Literally stressing me out .

Besides that , I'm finally in my senior year for 2015 . High school senior was not what I've imagined before .But , it's okay . Juniors will know how we've felt when they become seniors . Good luck I must say . If , you are THAT lucky 😈 Hahha . I'm so bad .

Wow . Until now , I can't fully move on from the fact that I'm a school leaver now . I .. don't know if I'm ready yet for the real world . All this time , I've been living in a safe , controlled bubble of life . Where mom and dad did the decision making . Till now , mom is still reluctant to let me leave the safe bubble though . Which I'm quite relieved and hate at the same time . I'm relieved , because iy's not fully my responsibility yet . My life , I mean . But I hate it . Cause you know , till when will I gain my confidence to face the real world . Now I see that all my life , I've been pampered and taken care of really , really good . Mom and dad . I don't know what I'll do without you guys .

So that's all tonight . My eyes had almost given up on me now . I better continue my ridiculous-ness later guys . Good night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite 😉

~Wassalam xoxo