Assalammualaikum and heyy

It has been a while isn't it ? Hahaha . Don't know what is funny but I just felt awkward -____-

Okayyyy.. So let's begin talking . Hm , right now I'm in the middle of final exam . My very first semester's finals . Yeah . Can't believe it either . I survived the whole semester ! Should be giving myself a bit pat at the back by now . Okk , done . For this semester , I've met a bunch of people really . No , a lot of them . The good ones , the moderate and the others =..=' I must say it is indeed different from the school . So much of enthusiasm , well for my class at least . They are so loving and childish and considerate you know . I don't know how I can be friends with such a good people like them .

Though the number of boys in my class wasn't exactly what I've imagined , at least I can get along with them both really well . Yeah . I have two boys only in my class . Just like at the college back in form five . Kinda boring though . But never mind . Already moving on to the next semester now . I don't know what to anticipate . Perhaps better carry marks I guess ? Whatever =..= I just can't tell . Anything is possible . Maybe some of my classmates would be dismissed . Maybe we could all be classmates again nest semester . Hopefully . I really have grown comfortable with them .

Oo and so far , alhamdulillah . I can cope with the subjects . Though there were ups and downs of course . Part of learning and education , I take them all . So how was yours ? I really hope all my friends are doing well wherever you may be , guys :) #proseedperform

You notice that joker above ? Yeah , how can you not right -..- duh . Well , ever since suicide squad . I don't know . But I have a thing with him , the joker . I don't know . But I find him charming . The way he smile and scoff , how he talks and laughs , the way he leans a bit and his eyes on harley . That is so precious you know T.T *sigh*

Alright , that's enough of gibberish . Later I will continue with other more gibberish things . Just anticipate nothing kayy . Hahha . See you soon .

p/s : Please pray for my final exam guys . Wish all the luck for you too \(^,^)/

Wassalam , xoxo .