So the highlight of the day was the US election day, won by Trump *chills*

I don't have anything to say for that. What's done is done. So we need to move on and brace ourself. Though I am a bit unhappy with the result. Haha. There I've said it.

Moving on. You know everytime I want to change or improve myself I always procrastinate. I don't know. I hope it's not a habit of mine. If it is, then I'll be doomed. Or is it a thing with everyone. I think it is. Though we can't see, but one knows themselves right ? You know when you wanted to change but you procrastinate. Yeah, I know you do. Hahaha.

But still, I need to change this. Procrastinating is bad. It'll stuck forever if I'm not changing this attitude.

Or is it me. And I'm putting the blame on 'procrastinate' ? Ha. Human though. Always put the blame on something other than themselves.

Like when I wanted to start eating right, I'll delay. When I wanted to tidy up or redecorate my room, I'll delay again. And when I wanted to study or revise, I'll delay again amd again. What a sad life of me. Then I'll regret later. Ironic isn't it.

And, you know. I've been thinking that I should do more reading now. Like general knowledge type of reading or historical reading. Even novels will do. All those improve my language skills and knowledge. All needed for my course.

But I'm not doing this only for the sake of the course only. I'm doing this to make me a better and knowledgeable person too. So that I won't be fooled easily by rumours on social media and any other sources. As a rational human being, we should do some readings, investigation or even queries so that a certain news is confirmed.

Ah, I think I have been talking ridiculously now that I should end this entry right here. Haha. Thank you for having the time to read this piece of my mind. See you guys later.

Wassalam, xoxo