The Heart Is Away


I feel like this week is going to be a long week, I don't know why. Maybe because it's going to be the CNY holidays for a whole week and I don't get to go home on this Thursday. My heart is already away at home on the bed. Hopefully I can continue my life this week like usual as today is only the start of this week. I got class later on 2. Thank God. Or else mine would be on 4. It is tiring to wait one whole day for an hour class late in the evening. So yeah, I am thankful. 

Yesterday I played in a friendly badminton match with UiTM KP. Embarrassingly, we lost to them with easy points. Not even a close match. I played a female double with someone I just met. I don't know why, but I think I just have no talent in sports or anything related. The last time I joined sports was in school and I did embarrass myself if I could recall carefully. So yeah. Maybe yesterday's the last time I join any match or tournament. Later, I would just play in my house area with the fence as the net. No judge, no spectators. 

To even add to my sourness, my right shoulder, hips and left legs hurt like they are so stiff I can feel the muscles whenever I move. Hahah. Talk about overdoing. Anyways, I met Syai, which is my main objective of even joining a badminton match yesterday. It is because the venue is at KMNS, where she studied. So we met and talked and did a mini catch-up session at cafe A. It does feel relieving and soothing to see her and talk again. After the loss, this is the only part where I got revived. Haha. So yeah. It was not enough, but I feel contented. Next time we will do a bigger catch-up session with Hajar, the three of us together. I miss you guys dmn much. 

The night before, I went for Peers Appreciation Dinner at The Urban Affairs. That night was lit af, especially because of the food. Not because of who I am with. It's just I felt like a short getaway from all the assignments and stuff for that night. The food made me feel high and contented. I should go there again someday with him. And it should be his treat. Huhu. You know who you are.

I think I better stop now because I am going to do some work before getting ready for lunch and class. So see ya all soon and please take care as the rain is pouring a lot these days. Adios.

Wassalam, xoxo

New Year's Resolution


Is it too late for me to write something about new year's resolution? Nahh. Who cares. This is my blog anyway haha. Anyways, what are you guys up to now? It is almost February, can you believe it? I think time really does fly right. Huhu.

Moving on. Since forever I think, I have something between me and notebooks and stationery. I really do. I feel like I can even live stranded in a bookshop you know. Cause it feels like heaven to me. All those coloured pens, pretty notebooks, cute stickers and complete tools for decorating, I really can't >w< They are too cute too handle. I remember once when I'm in the primary school I think, I have a bunch of notebooks of all sizes just for collections. But then I realize that I wasn't going to write anything in them, it'll be just a total waste. Plus, they are all so childish and cheesy to keep. I end up using them to jot down reminders and stuffs. Eventually, either they are lost somewhere in my drawers or been used up through the years.

Anyways, I am planning to start a journal / planner / bullet journal or whatever you decide to call them. As I am totally influenced by them on the Instagram page and the bullet journal websites. Been looking forward to start a journal this year. But sadly I can't find a nice and lovely looking planner yet. That's the thing here. Planner supplies in Malaysia are a bit limited. If there is a shop selling planner supplies, the price will make me say, "Astaghfirullah". I understand most of the supplies were imported mainly from Japan, US and UK. And they are so gooooooooood TT Please let me have some money enough to buy all the supplies then I'll be good for a whole year and I won't ask for anything. Pretty please with cherries, whipping cream and chocolate sprinkle on top *like somebody would suddenly offer to buy right* *sigh*

Back to the topic, I intended to start a journal this year. That is my new year's resolution, yes. I hope it will be realized soon. I can't wait to get my hands on the planner and start decorating and planning and stuff. I even dreamed about this. I think I really want to do it so badly that it comes into my dream and haunt me. So you better pray that my resolution would be resolved soon so that I won't haunt YOU instead because of the sleep deprivation and nightmares. Wait. What? What kind of nonsense am I referring to right now. Oh God, I think I am sleepy now. No wonder I babbled, it is already my sleep time. I better get going now. Though I don't have any class tomorrow. Just to make sure that I get my beauty sleep. It is really important to me, just so you know.

So goodnight citizens of Earth. I will be ascending now and you shall all follow my lead.

Wassalam, xo


Assalammualaikum guys.

How are you doing ? Fine I guess . Now that you guys are here I wanna share a story . It happened today . What a day .

I was out today to accompany my friend to buy some things for her program tonight . We can also grab some pisang cheese along the way as we have been craving for them quite a while . But unfortunately for us , we forgot that the pisang cheese stall close on Fridays . Thus , we got more time to find the things my friend needed . As we were out , I said that we might as well go and visit my darl at PD . Since we have plenty of time to finish the rental hours of our car . So here we go , to PD . I followed the location given by him . It's his rented house by the way . As he is not staying in the hostel anymore  for final years . Anyways , we went there . I called him and said we've arrive at his house and he asked us to wait because he's outside going back home . So there we waited like 20 minutes plus or something . Then I got a text , "Where are you ? I'm home ." So I told him that we're at the shops near his house (rented) . And even mention the name of the shop as well to make it detailed for him .

But you know what . Fate got us better . He thought that I'm going to his house at rembau while I did mention in the texts that I am going to his house in PD ?! So there we were waiting for nothing . Quite sadist isn't it ? Our path is sort of parallel though , in the opposite way of course . As I went to PD passing seremban and he went home through seremban too . I am all speechless when I knew that . But what to do . I felt guilty for my friends more . But they just laugh and find it really funny yet unfortunate . They even felt sorry for me and him (such a sweet bunch of people :'( ) I't's just not meant to be I guess . The meeting I mean . Not us . Hopefully not us .

I don't know what to say anymore . Today just felt like the story , the three saddest mathematics love story . Where tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever . Next is parallel lines who had so much in common but never the chance to meet . And finally asymptotes , who can get closer and closer to each other but will never be together . These are just a sharing to anyone who feels interested . Otherwise , you can go to other bloggers' story .

That's all from me .

Wassalam , xo .

Wheeling Around


Been meaning to watch Moana for quite some time. But got no time for it recently. I'll just watch it later then. Assignments are mounting up real fast this semester :') This week only I already got three assignments to do. Though the due is in a couple of weeks, but I still need to do many research to complete them. So it won't be just for a while now. And the lecturers are so fast :'D Thank god I managed that. So yeah. Really got no time to play around. I am so sorry for not be able to update my blog weekly like I promised. 

So hi guys. How are you guys holding up since school and new semester have already started ? I've been coping well I guess. So far the subjects are okay and I find it a fine to catch up too. I hope what I learned in class will always remain in my mind forever though. It will be much easier for me to face the final later on :| Huhuu. Next week I got a test and a couple of quizzes :( Helpp. Hahaha. Now I see the game that they are playing here at the university. It's like the game that we play on the phone or online. It gets harder as the level increase, right? Same goes to university. No. I think this is life :") It gets harder as we grew older *sigh* I am not ready. I don't want to grow up TT

Anyways, there's a lot more to life than all this boring cycle. Yup. So don't be afraid to try new things and always be positive :) You might as well send some of your positivity to me if you have plenty. I could really use some anytime :') So, one new thing I've tried this year is business. Yes. You read it correct. Business. I signed up to become a dropship at a famous igshop called The Ghrack by Sis Lynn and Abe Ameer. I have not yet start any sale but I will, next week perhaps :) Please wait for it yeah.  To those who owned an instagram account, you might as well help or support me by following my igshop account : @tgd_rembau . It would mean a lot to me if you do :D I'll start of with basic wear collection by the ghrack. If any of you wanted a comfy, stylish, simple and affordable basic clothing, please stay tuned for this first collection okay. You won't regret. I promise :) I have bought from them before so I am a real testimony. Trust me.

I guess that's all for now. That's all I got for today. Let's hope that I can write some time soon okay. Miss you guys a lot.

Wassalam, xx