Assalammualaikum guys.

How are you doing ? Fine I guess . Now that you guys are here I wanna share a story . It happened today . What a day .

I was out today to accompany my friend to buy some things for her program tonight . We can also grab some pisang cheese along the way as we have been craving for them quite a while . But unfortunately for us , we forgot that the pisang cheese stall close on Fridays . Thus , we got more time to find the things my friend needed . As we were out , I said that we might as well go and visit my darl at PD . Since we have plenty of time to finish the rental hours of our car . So here we go , to PD . I followed the location given by him . It's his rented house by the way . As he is not staying in the hostel anymore  for final years . Anyways , we went there . I called him and said we've arrive at his house and he asked us to wait because he's outside going back home . So there we waited like 20 minutes plus or something . Then I got a text , "Where are you ? I'm home ." So I told him that we're at the shops near his house (rented) . And even mention the name of the shop as well to make it detailed for him .

But you know what . Fate got us better . He thought that I'm going to his house at rembau while I did mention in the texts that I am going to his house in PD ?! So there we were waiting for nothing . Quite sadist isn't it ? Our path is sort of parallel though , in the opposite way of course . As I went to PD passing seremban and he went home through seremban too . I am all speechless when I knew that . But what to do . I felt guilty for my friends more . But they just laugh and find it really funny yet unfortunate . They even felt sorry for me and him (such a sweet bunch of people :'( ) I't's just not meant to be I guess . The meeting I mean . Not us . Hopefully not us .

I don't know what to say anymore . Today just felt like the story , the three saddest mathematics love story . Where tangent lines who had one chance to meet and then parted forever . Next is parallel lines who had so much in common but never the chance to meet . And finally asymptotes , who can get closer and closer to each other but will never be together . These are just a sharing to anyone who feels interested . Otherwise , you can go to other bloggers' story .

That's all from me .

Wassalam , xo .