New Year's Resolution


Is it too late for me to write something about new year's resolution? Nahh. Who cares. This is my blog anyway haha. Anyways, what are you guys up to now? It is almost February, can you believe it? I think time really does fly right. Huhu.

Moving on. Since forever I think, I have something between me and notebooks and stationery. I really do. I feel like I can even live stranded in a bookshop you know. Cause it feels like heaven to me. All those coloured pens, pretty notebooks, cute stickers and complete tools for decorating, I really can't >w< They are too cute too handle. I remember once when I'm in the primary school I think, I have a bunch of notebooks of all sizes just for collections. But then I realize that I wasn't going to write anything in them, it'll be just a total waste. Plus, they are all so childish and cheesy to keep. I end up using them to jot down reminders and stuffs. Eventually, either they are lost somewhere in my drawers or been used up through the years.

Anyways, I am planning to start a journal / planner / bullet journal or whatever you decide to call them. As I am totally influenced by them on the Instagram page and the bullet journal websites. Been looking forward to start a journal this year. But sadly I can't find a nice and lovely looking planner yet. That's the thing here. Planner supplies in Malaysia are a bit limited. If there is a shop selling planner supplies, the price will make me say, "Astaghfirullah". I understand most of the supplies were imported mainly from Japan, US and UK. And they are so gooooooooood TT Please let me have some money enough to buy all the supplies then I'll be good for a whole year and I won't ask for anything. Pretty please with cherries, whipping cream and chocolate sprinkle on top *like somebody would suddenly offer to buy right* *sigh*

Back to the topic, I intended to start a journal this year. That is my new year's resolution, yes. I hope it will be realized soon. I can't wait to get my hands on the planner and start decorating and planning and stuff. I even dreamed about this. I think I really want to do it so badly that it comes into my dream and haunt me. So you better pray that my resolution would be resolved soon so that I won't haunt YOU instead because of the sleep deprivation and nightmares. Wait. What? What kind of nonsense am I referring to right now. Oh God, I think I am sleepy now. No wonder I babbled, it is already my sleep time. I better get going now. Though I don't have any class tomorrow. Just to make sure that I get my beauty sleep. It is really important to me, just so you know.

So goodnight citizens of Earth. I will be ascending now and you shall all follow my lead.

Wassalam, xo