The Heart Is Away


I feel like this week is going to be a long week, I don't know why. Maybe because it's going to be the CNY holidays for a whole week and I don't get to go home on this Thursday. My heart is already away at home on the bed. Hopefully I can continue my life this week like usual as today is only the start of this week. I got class later on 2. Thank God. Or else mine would be on 4. It is tiring to wait one whole day for an hour class late in the evening. So yeah, I am thankful. 

Yesterday I played in a friendly badminton match with UiTM KP. Embarrassingly, we lost to them with easy points. Not even a close match. I played a female double with someone I just met. I don't know why, but I think I just have no talent in sports or anything related. The last time I joined sports was in school and I did embarrass myself if I could recall carefully. So yeah. Maybe yesterday's the last time I join any match or tournament. Later, I would just play in my house area with the fence as the net. No judge, no spectators. 

To even add to my sourness, my right shoulder, hips and left legs hurt like they are so stiff I can feel the muscles whenever I move. Hahah. Talk about overdoing. Anyways, I met Syai, which is my main objective of even joining a badminton match yesterday. It is because the venue is at KMNS, where she studied. So we met and talked and did a mini catch-up session at cafe A. It does feel relieving and soothing to see her and talk again. After the loss, this is the only part where I got revived. Haha. So yeah. It was not enough, but I feel contented. Next time we will do a bigger catch-up session with Hajar, the three of us together. I miss you guys dmn much. 

The night before, I went for Peers Appreciation Dinner at The Urban Affairs. That night was lit af, especially because of the food. Not because of who I am with. It's just I felt like a short getaway from all the assignments and stuff for that night. The food made me feel high and contented. I should go there again someday with him. And it should be his treat. Huhu. You know who you are.

I think I better stop now because I am going to do some work before getting ready for lunch and class. So see ya all soon and please take care as the rain is pouring a lot these days. Adios.

Wassalam, xoxo