Wheeling Around


Been meaning to watch Moana for quite some time. But got no time for it recently. I'll just watch it later then. Assignments are mounting up real fast this semester :') This week only I already got three assignments to do. Though the due is in a couple of weeks, but I still need to do many research to complete them. So it won't be just for a while now. And the lecturers are so fast :'D Thank god I managed that. So yeah. Really got no time to play around. I am so sorry for not be able to update my blog weekly like I promised. 

So hi guys. How are you guys holding up since school and new semester have already started ? I've been coping well I guess. So far the subjects are okay and I find it a fine to catch up too. I hope what I learned in class will always remain in my mind forever though. It will be much easier for me to face the final later on :| Huhuu. Next week I got a test and a couple of quizzes :( Helpp. Hahaha. Now I see the game that they are playing here at the university. It's like the game that we play on the phone or online. It gets harder as the level increase, right? Same goes to university. No. I think this is life :") It gets harder as we grew older *sigh* I am not ready. I don't want to grow up TT

Anyways, there's a lot more to life than all this boring cycle. Yup. So don't be afraid to try new things and always be positive :) You might as well send some of your positivity to me if you have plenty. I could really use some anytime :') So, one new thing I've tried this year is business. Yes. You read it correct. Business. I signed up to become a dropship at a famous igshop called The Ghrack by Sis Lynn and Abe Ameer. I have not yet start any sale but I will, next week perhaps :) Please wait for it yeah.  To those who owned an instagram account, you might as well help or support me by following my igshop account : @tgd_rembau . It would mean a lot to me if you do :D I'll start of with basic wear collection by the ghrack. If any of you wanted a comfy, stylish, simple and affordable basic clothing, please stay tuned for this first collection okay. You won't regret. I promise :) I have bought from them before so I am a real testimony. Trust me.

I guess that's all for now. That's all I got for today. Let's hope that I can write some time soon okay. Miss you guys a lot.

Wassalam, xx