Hey everybody. I just miss writing here. And my article writing have come to a halt for a moment now because of assignments and projects and presentations. Hah. I am so sorry to the writing community and my writing adviser, Mrs. Aini and another whom I don't remember the name haha. I already have the the topics which I wish to write. It's just I need to find the time to put them in the writing form. Hopefully I'll find the time soon. I really do. I feel guilty for not submitting my article for a couple of weeks now since my first article. 

Moving on, the reason I decided to put something up tonight is that I want to share about my study. I just realised that my 10th week out of 14th week of this semester is already over. Four weeks to go to study week and final examination. This semester feels oddly quick though. I am not ready to continue for the next semester. And for the longggg holiday too; five freaking months. Yes I am going to work, but to leave my studies for that long. It'll cost my brain to rust T,T I feel sad. Uhuhuk. Besides, it'll cost my diploma period to extend. Supposed I graduate on April 2018, now it'll extend to the end of 2018 *sigh* 

Anyways, that doesn't matter. I will do my best and get what I have always targeted since in the college. A 4 pointer Insyaallah. Do support and pray for my success okay :) Love you guys. 

Actually the DiPAC's event; DiPAC in Love, has already begun today. But I am home. Hahaha. This is because I miss home, mama, abah and am. Ilin too.  I'll only join DiPAC Vibe Night on Sunday. Huhu. I have already bought a dress to be wore that night. Haha. And it is cheap. And beautiful too. Can't wait to wear it huhu. I'll update about it on the instagram later. Don't forget to follow ;)) 

I'll be signing off now. Hope to see you guys soon -3-

Wassalam, xo.