A friend of mine once asked, "Why do you like sunflower?".

I said, "Because, it's big. Even you have only one in a vase, the presence can still be felt. The significance. The colour too. Yellow is said to be the happiest colour."

She said again, "So you like it because it's big and happy?"

I replied, "Yes. And I want to resemble the sunflower. So that my presence could be bring positive vibes to other people around me. And so that I stand big and strong like the sunflower, though whatever hardships may hit me."


After A While

Hey guys, assalammualaikum.

     Finally going to update about me *yeay* since it is semester break. My diploma is coming to an end OMG. Macam tak terasa je tapi sebenarnya sakit juga nak harung 4 semester ni hahahah. Tahu tahu dah final sem dah. It's been two weeks, almost, since I finished my final exam. Been doing this and that, here at home. I haven't even unpack some of my stuff *facepalm*. The most hated part of holiday is this; packing and unpacking. I haven't sort out my textbooks, notes and final semester's questions yet to be sold to juniors later. But my friend, Zarith, had put up the price list even before we finished all the papers the other day. She's so organized. Those who buy all that stuff from her will be so lucky. Her notes are precious. Treasure them, and use them diligently you'll definitely pass the admin papers with flying colours. Serious talk.

      So, what are my plans for this sem break. Let's see.. 

     I have been meaning to improve my speaking skills for quite a while now. Some of my friends would be surprised hearing this but, I think I stutter a lot during presentation. Don't you think so? The words I planned to say sometimes slurred in a way that people wouldn't understand what I'm trying to say. Is it because of my nervous wreck standing in front of the audience or is it because I do have problems with my speaking. I too, don't really know. Hahaha you know sometimes, when I have a normal chat with my friends it'll happen too. Even if the conversation is in malay :) Maybe it have something to do with my mouth/teeth? I've read somewhere about it saying the teeth formation could also affect one's ability to speak.

     Speaking of which, I'm planning on putting up a braces for myself. I got my reasons yeah hahahah. I'm not in for the trend or anything. If it were to my preference, I would never want to experience it at all. Recently I noticed that I can't bite into my food properly using my front teeth :') I know that my front teeth are a bit spaced between the upper and the lower part of the teeth. But, only recently I become a bit more aware of the situation as I find it difficult to eat some things like other people. I haven't consult a dentist properly yet. As I am waiting for my student confirmation letter from the faculty. It has been freaking two weeks though since I applied for the letter *sigh* They can just print put up my name and my student id onto the letter and sign it. All these delays is exhausting. Inefficient and inconvenient. Anyways, after I get that letter I'm going to see the dentist to ask for their advice regarding my situation. I want to hear what the doctor have got to say. If they have other alternatives than putting up braces, I would love to do it. As I said, I'm not into all this braces thingy. If there's other way around it and can help solve my situation successfully, why not right?

     I have been thinking of getting a new camera too. Cause my Lumix camera have become a bit outdated (to me). So I have been eyeing a few cameras now which are the Canon mirrorless camera (M50, M6) and the Nikon DSLRs (D7500, D500). I've watched video reviews, read articles and comparing the prices all over the net. The only thing is, I don't have the money hahahhah. I thought I want to sell out the Lumix camera complete with all the accessories and the kit lens too. But my brother have another idea. He wants the camera for himself. I'm okay with that too. As long as there's a use to it I'm fine. That would also mean that I won't be getting some money for the new camera though hahahah. Whatever. It's not a priority yet. The cameras will be available all the time. We'll see how it goes.

     Other than that, I have no clear plans. What I'm sure of is I won't be working. I'll just chill in the house surrounded by my families (minus my sister cause she got a battle to win) and our cat. That'll do. I have been busy the last semester so let's make it up this holiday shall we.

Enough rambling I guess, see you guys later. Wassalam.