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Hi, I am Izhana Zaime. Hana for short. I'm an October baby. The blog is based in Malaysia *hoho* I like bubble milk tea and hot food. Quite sentimental, you would know if we are friends. Super, super clumsy and dorky (?) I don't know how to express my feelings the right way. That is why my actions are awkward and that's the reason for the existence of this blog. If you happen to be here by accident, welcome. If you are here because you want to know me better, thank you *heart eyes* I can speak English quite fluently and write quite good. But only the anecdote style, cause I am not that knowledgeable (yet) for factual stuff. I like Beast/Highlight. Their music is so good. You should check them out. I am into fashion and beauty. Not makeup-ish but more to skincare-ish (?) Hahahah.. I enjoy reading novels, watching videos and eat during my free time. So, that's it about me.

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Plutonians @Uress; ProSeed @Joba; Genex 5 @DiPAC S3;

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Thanks for reading . Leave my blog alone if you're a copycat . Do contact me to be friends :)